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Friday, November 14, 2008

Group photo with junior:
(left to right)
Me,crystal,mei cheng,sophie,shu fang,alina and emily.

Me,Alina and emily
CO Camp
My fellow school mates were the leaders for the camp.
Only a 3 or 4 were participants for the camp,for most were leaders and the rest didn't come for the camp. They worked and planned really hard for the camp,but it turned out worser than they thought.
First,we're suddenly told that we're not allowed to sleep in the music room or AVA.
Second,it rained the whole day.
Reason No.1:
Scare we sleepwalk and fall off the building.
Reason No.2:
Scared the air con suddenly explode flames and burn us alive.

Crazy sia! Why would people sleepwalk? I mean,come on,none of us had any history of sleepwalking cases,must we go one by one to the doctor to prove that fact?! And if scared that the air con will suddenly be on fire,then why the media club can sleep in the library? Wow,only the AVA and music room air con will suddenly catch fire without a reason. And raining not allowed to go home,scared lightning strike. People's mum outsidet the school waiting already,hao yi si to let the parents wait ah?

Sadly,it rained all day too.

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