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Friday, November 21, 2008

Gerald has a prophecy,that he's gonna win the competition! Here,lemme show you.

YingZi: Hmmm.. Okay,7.30pm at Yong Siew Toh's Conservatory of Music. Prize winner's
concert and prize presentation ceremony.
Gerald:OH YA! Forget to tell you that. I'm one of the receipients there.
YingZi: Huh? Meaning?
Gerald: Ya..
YingZi: I say I don't get what you mean la. Ya what ya.
Gerald:I'm going to recieve the prize for the champion for gz youth category that day. Please come.
YingZi: O.o how come?
Gerald: I'm the champion for th youth category.
YingZi: Huh? How come? How you know? O.o
Gerald: Prophesy.
YingZi: You.
Gerald:It's true.
YingZi: Lol,okok. Its true its true.
Gerald:Ya, You all no need take part liao.
YingZi: How can like that? I want refund.
Gerald: Ya Good that you know.
YingZi: Know what? I want refund. If they don't refund me then I will sure their asses.

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