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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hehe,this is triper!

Could be a light.

I was hoping to see if there's any white face woman looking up at me on this metal bridge.
But sadly,none.

Don't tell me you're blind enough

Triper urgently peeing,just at the start of it.

Gel,our new member!

The candle is really lighted! I'm not lying!

Iamthemaster. Hehe,i told him that this is going up on my blog.
Oh no!

Woke up at 12pm and saw 11 smses. Replied them and fell asleep until 3pm.
Haha,watched 'Max Payne' yesterday. Good animation and storyline. But bad ending. Another thing that'll make you wonder is:
"Why the hell do they keep standing in the rain and getting themselves drenched?!"
Went to punggol for receeing at the bridge. Nothing much. Shot a few shots that captured orbs and a couple of lights in them.
People present:
Textbook,skylian,gel(new member;D),angela,triper,azzri and his gf,iamthemaster,lure,icezswan,carol and her daughter,sponge.

Of course they don't have such weird names,it's their forum nick.
Anyway,i can say azzri was like an expert.

We did an experiment to see if really got things would come and kacau triper or not,
Then sooo funny,his halloween like pushed forward(he wanna be pochong),they tied a white cloth that goes under his chin and top of his head. Then his legs together. And his wrists. And we left him alone among the tall grass,darkness and crikets. Then we walk out 100 metres and sat there. 15min later then he shouted out.

Lol,he said a few min after we left,he heard a high-pitched'eeeeeeee' that sounds like a woman laughing or crying,though it was far away,he heard it clearly.
And he started singing.
And the bushes behind shook and there was something getting closer and closer. Then it stopped behind him. He didn't dare to turn and look behind. And he heard something that goes "tick-tick-tick" And he got really scared and started praying liao,but it didn't work. Still got those sounds.

So he was freaked out already,no matter how skeptic he was. He shouted for us.
Azzri made sure he's really okay already,and he said "Okay,second round."
Then he agreed,but azzri said that this time,pochong will jump out right in front of him,triper was expecting pontianak la. Seems like someone want beautiful girls only.
Then he said no.
And they pack up everything and whack and hack through the long grasses to go back.
Before they cross the metal bridge,we heard a low growl that sounds threatening and ready to attack. Far away,the stray dogs started barking non-stop. Azzri stop everyone to stop,turn off the lights and disappeared into the darkness and among the trees. Heard a couple of shouts,he came back mumbling something about jinns. Then he took a couple garlic from his equipments,went back in to put it,and came out telling us to quickly go.
Lol,poor triper badly needs to pee.

Once we're out,we were asked to take a pinch of salt.
Then iamthemaster sent me home.

By the way,someone can please buy me this?

Juicy Couture 'Daydreamer Large' Embossed Velour Satchel
Reg.$225 now $134.90

It's soooooooooooo hot and I really really really really really really really really really really realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyy

PS. it's all typed,no copy and paste. See? I REALLY want it and this shows my sincerity;D

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