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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Went to costume shop yesterday with amos. He wanted to look for JOKER,but it's all rented out.

It's so fabulous there!

Seems like halloween spirit has gotten to everyone. It got more and more crowded as the day gets nearer to the evening.
There's whole lot of costumes there!
Ranging from European costumes to nurse uniform,even wedding dresses!
There's so many things that you'd never expect to be found there.
Me on the bat man car outside the shop.
Amos's hat. Haha,he doesn't know! Shhh..
Okay,maybe he does know it after all.
Look! He's behind me checking out the blond wig!
This is one of the costumes that I tried,but it's too big for me.
A lot of costumes there are oversized.
Or is it me who's small?

Daylight mode.
The whole dress looks sooooo gold!
There's a lot of people trying out angel wings and complaining that they have no white dresses.
So they got the black wings.
I think they wanna be the fallen angel or something.

Told you those dresses were over-sized!

The other went to buy camera with xueting.
Here's the photos that I promised.
Haha,caught her laughing behind me.

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