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Friday, October 03, 2008

Went to the Airport T2 to study on children's day with clique except sihui,gerald,edmund and Yi Khoon. Didn't study much,and ended up playing.
Let the pictures talk.

We dared Cheryl to go underneath that,and stand in the middle. I bluff cheryl that I'd accompany her go too. So she took Alina's pen,threw it below and said,
"Okay! Now we can pretend that we need to get the pen!"

The rest were laughing off their asses.

As we were squatting below,looking at Alina's pen,and hesitating to go in there,we saw a few more stationaries rained down and hitting the ground. We were surprised,but it was actually cheryl's.


Gerald had thrown down a few more.

Hey! What's that below?

Yeap,that's right! It's Alina's pencil box! Gerald threw it down after he had thrown cheryl's.

Again?! Whose it this time?

It's gerald's!

Alina got irritated and hence,she quickly slide it on the floor.
Gerald said,"never mind,leave it there."
And stupid Edmund quickly bend down and reaches for it-.-

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