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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today's paper was really hard.
POA sure get single digit. My first paper already gotten17/40.

Then after school Cheryl and Alina went to collect their things at Dhoby Ghaut.

I went home,dressed and went to the National Art Council for my balloting session.
Stupid Gerald never come,or not can replace me to take my no. Some more have to help him take his no.! At first the letter said code of appearance,I thought it was theme of what we wear to the competition. And i thought about gothic theme and I was like,huh? Goth people? Playing guzheng at esplanade??? Yuen lai is number of order. ZZZ.

I'm the 10th to appear,and Gerald is the 15th.
Wish us luck!

Then went to meet xueting at Dhoby Ghaut to go Orchard.

That stupid girl keep saying my hair short nicer,because I have a nice jawline.
Oh really?
But i felt complimented,hee!

Pssssst,tell you one secret okay? I hope she doesn't read my blog.
She dips her hair into the gravy sauce as she eats her food,her hair is hungry too!

Shopping at Forever 21.
Too bad never get to take her shot while she tried on the dresses!
My dress cost on $48.
Can anyone buy for me?

I don't know,but we said some things to each other,then both of us quite disappointed with each other.

Aiya,stupid girl ah...

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