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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Today,I had my literature and A.Math paper.
I was late for 4 min,so the rest had already.
The stupid bus was late for 10 min,and subsequently,I had to wait for the next bus,which was quite long.

Anyway,I reach liao then sit down for the paper.
Shock me,cause I thought it was A.Math paper.
But it's Lit!
Then I completely didn't study at all.
But don't think it's needed bah,caue it's unseen poetry and "Incident in the Night-Time".
Oh man,I really think I should have re-read that book.
One of the questions "With reference from the book,show how Christopher can be an unpleasant character."I mentioned "Mrs Alexander",but I forgot her name and put her "Mrs M",even put a bracket beside it saying"(sorry,i forgot her name)"


Mrs V is sure to blow her top.

After school clique and I went to compass and shop around the food fair and watson.
Then head home.
We tried the durian pancake,but it isn't as nice as what cheryl had said.
A bit nauseating. And we joke around about exhaling our breathe at people's face and making them faint xD

Hm,haven't been feeling really well lately.
I mean,in the correct mood.
Don't know is it stress or is it him.

Well,maybe I should go for counseling to make me feel better.
My friends cannot be around me all the time to comfort me or anything.
And he's the one who hurt me,obviously never gonna be here to make me feel better.
Only the ones whom you love most has the power to hurt you the most.

These scars are ugly.
They will stay.

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