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Thursday, October 09, 2008

An idiot told me to do this but she forgot that her blog cannot copy and paste.


(a) People who got tagged must write the answer on their blog.
(b) Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. The person must say who they tagged by and cannot tag on the tag person whom they were tagged by.
(c) Continue this game by sending it to other people.
(d) Watch out for your names!
Xue Ting
Yan Ying

01 . What have you been doing recently ?
Mugging and playing com.

02 . Do you ever turn your cell phone off ?
Yeah,when I'm irritated that people haven't reply my sms.

03 . What happened at 10.00am today ?
A Math paper 2 just ended.

04 . When did you last cry ?
2 days ago

05 . Believe in fate / destiny ?

06 . What do you want in your life right now ?
Many: Forget him,mix around more and head Europe.

07 . Do you carry an umbrella when it rains , or just put up your hood ?
Something called seek shelter.

08 . What's your favourite thing to have on your bed ?
My stinky pillow.

09 . What bottom are you wearing now ?
RSS PE pants.

10 . What's the nicest text in your inbox say ?
Many sweet stuffs by my caring friends.

11 . Do you tend to make a relationship complicated ?

12 . Are you wearing anything you borrowed from someone ?
Yeah,yeah,my underwear.

13 . What was the last movie you caught ?
Eagle Eye.

14 . What are you proud of ?
My ability to slack. Kidding,speed-reading.

15 . What does the oldest text message in your inbox say?
Hey where you? Can come bukit panjang.

16 . What was the last song you sang out loud ?
Cemeteries of London

17 . Do you have any nicknames ?
Dream. Shadow. Eagle. Others bah...

18 . What does your last received text message say ?
Its tomorrow..

19 . What time did you go to bed last night ?

20 . Are you currently happy ?
Yes and no.

21 . Who gives you best advice ?
Clique and stupid girl.

22 . Do you eat whippe cream straight from the can ?
Yeah,if I got the chance to.

23 . Who did you talk on phone last night ?
Bo Han

24 . Is anything bugging you right now ?
Yeah. Ain't telling cause this question didn't tell me to say.

25 . What / who was the last thing / person to make you laugh ?
Laughing at the discussion of smelly breathe by eating durians,with clique.

26 . Do you wear toe socks ?
No way.

27 . Who was the last person you missed a call from ?
A guy who just took my no. today

28 . Have you ever had your heartbroken ?
Many times.

29 . What annoys you most in a person ?

30 . Do you have a crush on anyone ?

31 . Have you ever hone a cocaine ?

32 . What is the colour of your room ?
Blue. Said to be an unlucky colour for me.

33 . Would you kill someone you hate for a billion dollar ?
No. Unless the person hates me too. Then will I hate the person for hating me. It'll be easier for me to finish him or her off,she won't see me on Earth again,and I don't need to see her fuck face. Plus I can earn a billion dollars. Why not?;)

34 . Do you believe in the saying of : Talk is cheap ?

35 . Who was the last person to lie in your bed ?

36 . Who was the last person to hug you ?
My ex. Does anyone wanna hug me now?

37 . Did anyone see that last person you kissed ?

38 . Do you have a life ?
Obviously. Stupid question.

39 . Have you ever think someone died , when they really didnt die ?

40 . What is the reason behind your proflie song ?
Reminds me of my name and my passion for chinese classics.

41 . Who was the last person you saw in your dream ?
A stranger.

42 . Last time you smiled ?
I just smiled.

43 . Have you changed this year ?
I guess so.

44 . What are you listening right now ?
Ain't listening to anything.

45 . Are you talking to someone when you doing this ?

46 . Do you walk with your eyes open or closed ?

47 . Is there a quote you live by ?
Many quotes in my life,if you asked.
Only the one you love most hurts you the most.

48 . Do you want someone you cannot have ?
Yes,my crush.

49 . Have you ever played an instrument ?
I AM playing an instrument. More than an,in fact.

50 . What was the worst idea you've had in this week ?
Meaning imagination/day-dream? Yes,imagining how Elizabeth Bathory( Blood Countess) tortured her victims.

51 . What are you doing last night at 11pm ?
Using the com.

52 . Are you happy with your love life right now ?
No. I'm single,you asshole.

53 . What song best describe you love life ?
Way back into Love.

54 . Does the person know that you like him / her ?
No. I don't like anyone now.

55 . Who always make you laugh ?
Those around me.

56 . Do you speak other language other then English ?
Chinese,a little bit of hokkien,a little bit of french.

57 . Favourite website(S) ?
SPI and blogger.

58 . What's your middle name ?

59 . What are you doing tomorrow ?
Heading town and National Art Council in Clarke Quay.

60 . What do you think you are like ?

61 . Who will you choose to die with ?
My dog. Which is in 2 years time.

62 . Where have you been today ?

63 . What game do you play often ?
Noob game,MAPLE.

64 . Who are you missing right now ?
No one.

65 . If you have to choose between friend & Love , who will you choose ?

66 . What are you doing right now ?
Doing this stupid quiz where people would usually stop reading after 30 questions.

67 . Which primary school are you from ?
Prestigious school,Red Swastika School.

68 . Name 3 colour that you like .
Purple,blue and pink.

69 . What emotion you like to show ?

70 . What is your life to you ?
Facing reality. Learning to slow down. I'm rushing way ahead everyone.

71 . If you have something troubling you , what will you do ?
Keep quiet about it or tell clique.

72 . Who did you last chat in msn today ?
The idiot who gave me this quiz.

73 . Who do you admire most ?
Wang Zhong Shan.

74 . Which month are you born in ?
May. Don't you read my profile you dummy?

75 . How are you feeling right now ?

76 . What is the time now ?
6.44opm. Time for dinner but i'm not hungry.

77 . What kind of person do you think the one who tagged you is ?
An idiot,i just said.

78 . What colour did you use to dye hair ?
Blond or red.

79 . Why are you doing this test ?
Caused I'm forced,she's my friend and would kill me the next time she sees me if I don't.

80 . What do you do when you're moody ?
Play guzheng.

81 . At which age you wish to get married ?

82 . Who is more important to you ?

83 . If today is the last day of your life , what will you do ?
Just shut up and die. Would anyone bother if you're dying? Tell them for what? Make them cry? Okay,maybe I'll play Guzheng,read my favorite books and hug my dogs.

84 . Who is the person you trust the most ?

85 . Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after a rain ?
No. Because it seldom rains anymore.

86 . If you have a dream come true , what would it be ?
That everyone could be happy everyday.

87 . What is your goal for this year ?
Score well and make my mom proud.

88 . Do you believe in eternity love ?
Yes,but it doesn't happen to me,at least not now.

89 . What feeling do you love most ?

90 . Do you really think its Global Warming now ?
Yes. People just don't care and continue to waste. People says " Heck care la"
But they don't have a god damn idea of what's gonna hit them in 50 years time. Bloody selfish bunch of people. They don't wanna live but I wanna live.

91 . What feeling do you hate most ?

92 . Do you cherish every single friendship of yours ?
Yes. I love all my friends.

93 . Do you believe in God ?
No. Different religion.

94 . Who cares for you most ?
Family and friends.

95 . What do you think is the most important in your life ?
My mom.

96 . What will you bring when you fight ?
My courage to talk,then fight. This is how it's done,dummy.

97 . What have you done regretted doing in your whole life ?
Not studying. Anyone knows that I'm an EM1 student? I bet no one knows.

98 . What would you feel if no one no longer cares for you ?

99 . What if your boyf / girlfriend two-timed you ?
He already did. Question him and forgive him. But that doesn't mean that the next guy can do the same thing.

100 . How do you feel now ?
Cheers,wow,you knew all along that I hate this quiz! This dumb quiz has finally ended. I want back my 30min.

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