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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I hate people who is such a show-off
and speaks english that is incomprehensible.

Hello everyone!

Life has been oh-so-kind to me!
Guess what? His parents objected to our relationship.
And I've stopped being a BITCH to go back to him.
I have to respect's his parents' wishes.
Hey,I respect people okay you dummy.

Anyway,today was E math paper.
Paper 1 was easy as compared to Paper 2.
I think I might get a single digit for Paper 2.

Haven't had much appetite lately. So I hadn't been eating much lately.
Only had half a plate of rice with egg for dinner and cheese&egg bread for recess.
Hm,so by right I shouldn't be feeling hungry now right?
Egg,cheese and rice are nutritious,full of energy.
So i don't think I'd be passing out at any point of time.

Anyway guys,don't worry about me anymore.
I'm fine,I'm smiling,
as you can see.

It's not a cover.

This sat going to pub with stupid girl. But before that we friday gonna head town.
Hope she don't last minute change her mind again.
Gonna dress up!

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