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Friday, October 24, 2008

I had a nightmare yesterday.
It was kinda real and everything has the misty look.
Then HE was with me,and he said he's got to go because he have some things to attend. Somehow i was like floating along behind him. And he went into this restaurant ad there is a woman sitting in there already,waiting for him. They smiled and sat down,flirting with each other. Then,another woman arrived and there seemed to be a confrontation. I was puzzled,somehow I went over,and identified myself as his ex. Worse,they stared at me with horror and it became very noisy because everyone started telling off each other.

And so,I cannot take it anymore. I force myself awake. And found myself facing upwards. Seems like I always nightmares whenever I sleep facing up. That's why I always sleep sideways. I must have fell aslept while talking to some friends on the phone last night.

Went to watch high school musical3 today. Was FORCED to because someone very smart,book the tickets. Then in the end reach there liao she say she bluff me one,she never book at all!
I absolutely hate this movie.
The whole cinema was damn noisy,people hooting here and there.
Why can't they just shut up and enjoy the movie? There are others around okay.
Then the stupid malay FAT woman behind me keep kicking and kicking the chair,until I turn around and told her off. Frankly,the whole movie suck and wasn't worth the time and money to watch it,can just rent a DVD. It's like watching a concert in school only. I'd rather watch 'Phantom of the Opera',so much nicerrrrr. I thought of leaving the theatre ever since the first 5 min. But the popcorn,cheese hotdog and the Ice Lemon Tea kept me staying in there.
If you people out there say I can don't watch it and stop insulting the movie,well,like I say,it's only to spend time with my clique and some of the dumb guys there.

Fuck'em,the guys.
Don't give a damn about us(clique) following like a bunch of retards behind.
Here's their BIG name:
Gerald Toh,Sze Kang,Yi Khoon,Edmund Teo.
One playing PSP,the other one playing phone. They don't even know where they're heading and don't care about whether we're following or not.
Curse them all no GFs for the next 10 years.

Later still going out to watch 'Max Payne'
Heard that it was a nice movie.

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