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Sunday, October 19, 2008

How are you,people?
I'm fine,merci beacoup.

Yesterday went to Plaza Singapore to meet Jing Wei and their clique for dinner before heading Kelvin's wifey's house for Mahjong.

Anyway,today's SPI event is held at Night safari,the Halloween party!
It totally ROCKS.

Let the party,beginnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!
I think I look pretty bored because it seems gonna be boring.
This old hag has a super high pitch voice which actually really do sounds creepy just to hear her say hello.
Intel,dracula and me.
This pretty lady here looks cool isn't she?
I'm considering my halloween dress already~
This Grim Reaper is excellent! Do you know what does that cardboard on him says?

"Please do not touch. FOR DISPLAY ONLY."

Display my ass.
And he jumps the moment the camera snaps,scaring the hell outta people posing with him.
Scarecrow and me
This guy is acting lunatic,and he looks like one too! He goes around whacking the floor with the chain(real one some more!) or chasing people around.
Isn't this elv sexy?

She's some weird girl trying to comb her doll,which has no hair.
And she walks pretty weird too,very rigid,like some robot who needs to be oiled at the joints.

Fiona,our tram guide.
So what the hell,I think she's a bad talker anyway.
And the tram was damn scary,near the end of the ride,we entered the 'Torture Chamber' for the animal abusers. I was sitting at the extreme right,and halfway in the darkness,there was this (fake)pontianak holding a baby reaching for me like she's gonna strangle me.

Omg! I totally freak out,serious,it's damn scary.

And the next one was this guy with the 'I know what you did last summer' mask scaring intel at the side,i had changed seats with desmond so that these weird ghouls won't freak me out.
And so,i was laughing because it wasn't scary,left side jumped in a weird top-naked guy acting like he's gonna catch.

I was really frightened,so I sreamed my lungs out.

Come on,baby~ let's move it!

This is 'Qian Nu You Hun''s Lao Lao,i'm sure everyone recognises it if they got watch the show.

I love that show so much!

Can you see me pulling his/her tongue?

Okay,this damn JiangShi on the bridge really spooked me out.
He was like,tryihng to claw at me with his fake finger nails!

I think he really did enjoyed seeing me screaming out loud-.-

Can you see me holding my arms together? Because I really freak out.
As I leave,I poke fun at him and he chased me again.
JiangShi and Intel
One idiot
Same idiot
Second idiot who hid themselves among the trees,which was so hard to see in the dark.

I spotted the first,then second one moved and scared me. But my reaction was kinda slow.
When he moved,

I hop,



This stupid mummy actually has a head hanging at the end of the chain,but I was covering it because I was scared,thanks to the first 2 idiots.
Does it look like a dark chocolate kind of chocolate frog?
Milk chocolate frog!
Unfortunately,it's alive!
If you ever bite it,ewwww!
There she is again! Isn't she very pretty?!!
Click to enlarge,see her make up!
This is one cute guy here,joker from batman movie!
Isn't he shuai?!
I'm laughing my ass off for this one because I don't know how to react to this.
Here's another cute guy!
Isn't he sweet to kiss my hand like a real gentleman?
Yes,a gentleman dracula.
Him in the coffin
If I'm his wife,this is how it'd look like!
I declare him my Lao Gong!
Now,he's gonna be my lao gong for the rest of the day!
Us trying to bash up my Lao Gong.
Second bashing!
Um,in order to be his wife,I guess I had to be a vampire too and let him suck my blood?
Doesn't the story goes something like this?
I think I can practically hear him breathing down my neck.
My Lao Gong is 200 years old?!
Intel lend his hat and i'm the witch holding a human skull.

Um,I thought I heard the skull complaining that it cannot wear that hat.
End of the day!

Went back to CCK MRT and took train home.
Alvin's place transfering this stuff to the com.

3.30am in morning?!
Sweet dreams guys!

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