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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hello guys,school had been fun today.

And tedious because we had to clean up the whole school. We went to the haven first,and LKK came in with his long speech. After that,he said we could ask him anything about the school.
Here are the questions:

Can we have more then 1 cca?

Can we have prom night?

Why is there only one POA teacher?

Why is there so little fund for certain CCA?

Why is there no transport for CCA?

Why is the water cooler moved to the ground floor?

Why is the 4th floor boys toilet always lock?

Why is there no toilet paper?

You all bring home the toilet paper is it?

Why is stall 3 so unhygenic and have armpit hair?

Can we have longer recess time?

Can we have shorter POA lessons?

Okay,the last one was intended but not asked.

After school went out with Xueting and her mom. Went to simlim square buy her camera,so envious of her la! Then we went upstairs to 'look for my mp3',as we were coming back to the lift,I had a shock. I was approaching his shop when he suddenly walk out,wasn't expecting that to happen. But it's a good thing,because after that he gave me a call to pick up my ZOMBIE Dopod from him.

That's all,pretty tired.
Long day tomorrow,movies,lessons and recee.
Will upload the pics another day.

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