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Monday, October 13, 2008

"fuck can u shut up!?!?!?"

I thought you wanted to know,but not knowing is alright.
What I do know doesn't really concern you anymore,
just informing you like how it was like 2 years ago.

Went to kat's house and bbq,play mahjong.
Wah,stupid,i lost $6+. Then ton until morning then take first bus back.
Went home to sleep and at night went to Zhang Laoshi's house. I got improve le,yay..
Then at night meet alvin and yuan jie for dinner and go back to alvin's house play mahjong again.
Haha,no money involve.

This morning went to meet Cheekin they all to watch 'House Bunny'.
Such a nice show!

Wootz,tell you guys hor. This morning I woke up at 8am and went back to sleep again until 11.
And I had a nightmare cum good dream.
Nightmare,because got Ben inside,which actually reminds me of the past.
Good dream,because I met nelly furtado!


I dreamt that I was overseas,and I wanted to get her signature,so i got my tour guide to help me.Which she did,she jumped down the bus and run in front of the coach that was moving off,with nelly furtado inside. Omg,and I was thinking,i had no pen and paper. How? And i saw a thin and slightly dirty piece of paper from the floor,so I picked up and ran on board,knowing surely she must have a pen to give autograph.

And omg,she's soooooo pretty!

She took a new piece of paper and signed on it. And her manager was sitting beside her. The weird thing is,not only she signed on it,there's lots of stuff she written as well,and she wrote down her report card as well!

I might have been thinking about my grades too much,and Nelly Furtado.
I was thinking,since I'm touring Europe soon,might as well as check out where she'll be going so that I can catch her concert. But I check already,no on-coming concert.
her last concert was in july,in germany.


And cheryl woke me up from this good dream by her stupid phone call.

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