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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally went to school yesterday!
Mr Anbu came into the class and catch YY. Then he come and ask me if mine was dyed too,I said yes. And that I got dye back black but the person didn't do a good job and that ms tey knows about it already. He hesitated for awhile before letting me off.

Then stupid minashi anyhow take away people's hair spray.

Went to library to continue our game of Guess-the-number Game,with the guys!
Lots of things:

Cheryl kissing me(don't know is it better to let a guy kiss the hand or what?)
Cheryl and Yi Khoon finger-locking with each other.
Yi Khoon's underwear colour for the day is sky blue.
Me putting down the pot specially with one big flower inside,on the desk of the librarian's.

Anyway,was suppose to meet XT,but she went to meet her sister instead.
PS me,never tell me. Zzz. But better la.
Then was suppose to meet shermaine,but I was very tired so I didn't meet her.

And at night I met Intel to go look for our costumes.
I had a shock as we were walking halfway,he took hold of my hand.
I was like,"What?!"
And he said,"Let me hold it."
Sorry,way too much of a shock,so I pushed him away.
Didn't really talk much after that.

Very shocked.

Went home,sleep. Didn't go to school today.

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