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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Although i'm super dulan by that security guard,and feel like spewing vulgarites here,but i think it's wiser not to do so.
Anyway,i walked back to school after I've gone out,because I changed my mind and decided to look for Mr Toh,and the stupid STUPID security stopped me because she pointed out that my hair was dyed and that DM has told her not to allow anyone with dyed hair or slippers inside. WTH. Mr Pang never say anything but she wanna kp so much. She said she's not allowing me to go in,and if there's any teachers I wanna see,it would be the DM.
You lp la.
I said,alright,go ahead. And another security guard went in to find mr zul.
I waited for awhile,then I walked off. She was like shouting,"eh! eh! don't you wanna see mr zul?"
I look back,grinned at her and continued walking.
Already damn dulan liao,don't need another fucker to irritate me.
Why she go and kum his lan? Since she listen to him so much.

I bet no one wants to fuck you,sad fat old auntie.

And you also,you nb jb kia,your jb bo seng li(no business) liao so come here and spam is it? Don't song song come talk cock with lao niang. I will make you cry for your mama.

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