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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Went to meet the SPI(Executive Agent) yesterday,he showed me some of the pictures which I took part in one of the experiments during our first stop at Kranji reservoir on the 1st. That is one of the locations where the japanese attack us from.

A few picture to entertain you guys.

A close up on the previous 2 photos

Can see a few green lights and the orbs surrounding us? Okay,too many creepy crawlies around for me to be bothered about anything else.

Then after meeting up with that Kelvin and that lady with the kid,we sat her car and went to the abandoned mental hospital which is rumored to be haunted and located in one of woodlands little small lanes. We just wanted to drive past and see only. Anyway,we couldn't find it for a long time. Keep driving up and down the super duper long road,and when we finally found it,there was a police car there.

Woah,wondering what were they doing there.

And why the hell is that mental hospital lighted up? And there's the security guard there. He stopped us and asked why are we there,we quickly said that we got lost.

Scary,i can see the metal frame double decker bed,and no one is sleeping on it. There's no window panes on the windows.
(Of course there's no one sleeping on it,it's supposed to be abandoned!)

Then I went back with sweet,and took the last bus home. BF fetched me from there,we quarreled and I went home.

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