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Monday, September 01, 2008

Last sat,we celebrated cheryl's birthday after I came back from the CIP.
Boy,she really didn't like surprises! She cried twice and took away all the keys when we went up to look for her. In the end,we back to the void deck and she finally came down.
Happy ending.
We ate the cake baked by ain,played around the void deck and I left for the SPI thingy.

Yeah,this time,it starts from 8pm-5am in the morning. Damn it,the bus was late and it came only at 9. And can you fucking believe it? That so-called master stella is actually the irritating AUNTIE STELLA!


My most hated auntie.

Shan't talk about it. Anyway,she called herself master just because she knows a few things to rituals. And she have her "disciples". Know who are they? The rest of the RC people. The organiser of the event is also very disorganized,cannot stand bad english problems.

Anyway,i took part in one of the rituals. Those who took lots of pictures said that those "things" were around us and everywhere. After that managed to visit the cemetery,devil's bend(where some people managed to take pictures of orbs) and after OCH in the early early dawn.
Then went back home,bathed,have tuition and went to sleep from 10 until 6.

And watch tv,had dinner,and went to bugis to buy a new skirt.
At 11pm.

Heng,a few shops are still open,and after that went to wait for ben until 11.30.

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