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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Had tuition today and met up with xy to watch movie at Princess.

Omfg,"painted skin" was actually a lot better than I thought.
In the original Strange Tales of Liao Zhai from the TV drama series,this story is about an artist who came across a mysterious lady on the streets. He took her in out of pity and let her stayed on as his mistress. She was actually a ghost who came back from the past as the artist had been unfaithful to her by marrying another rich lady,his wife. As she came to seek revenge,his wife beg for his life. The lady ghost had her human skin by drawing on a piece of paper made of human skin and then sticking it on her face.

As for this movie version,it's fantastic!
I thought it was some stupid boring conversion of the original one.
This version is about a general chancing upon a mysterious lady in an invasion led by him and his troop. He took her back along with him. Soon after,a lot of people in the county died and had their heart ripped out. His wife suspected the mysterious lady was a fox spirit in disguise and the cause of all the killings.

It's a absolutely MUST-WATCH movie for all.
Absolutely fantastic!

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