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Sunday, September 14, 2008

In the end,never go out with XT to chomp chomp already cause I too tired.

Anyway,I had a nap and Sponge told me that they are going OCH to do recordings.
So I went along,with my bro.
Siao eh,we reached around midnight cause the bus 2 took 45min to arrive!
Omg,stupid bus.

Then we went all the way to the rooftop and put down our things.
Skylian taught me that we should never say out pontianak's full name,they will come because they can hear. Don't laugh okay,she's a malay,they'll know more than us okay. Like,have you ever heard malays saying out their full name before? Well,she told me that they usually call her

Miss P,or Beautiful Lady.

And that we should never never say out her full name,especially alone.
Then okay,change topic. Talk about the weather. I commented that lucky never rain,or not we'll be wet(we're on the rooftop of OCH). Then she said rain also cannot say,or not "above" can hear. Diaowowowowo~

Okay,saw a few people coming into OCH.
Actually,is a lot.
3 whole bunch of them at different times.

Then sponge use a powerful green laser to disturb them. Omg,so damn funny!
Okay,and a bunch of malays discovered where we're hiding. And we showed them how to get to the rooftop.

Anyway,we went off,we cannot do recording because there's too many people already.
So we decided to head off to the Old Commando's Barracks.
Sianz! Walk halfway really started to rain leh! Then we run for cover at the barracks. Nothing much there. Quite spacious.
So we stayed there until the rain has stop,then we decided to go back to changi village.

Ordered drinks and took the first bus back.

PS. Crazy mike took off all his clothes at his sleeping back,whew! He was at the other far end of the rooftop sleeping alone,intel and Triper came back to warn us. Lol!

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