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Friday, August 08, 2008

Border's Book Fair

Going to Border's Book fair at Expo later,YES!
Was exploring my cliques' blogs just now,which reminds me of something.

Wong Si Hui,is always meeting gross people and saying vulgarities in her blog.
* narrows eyes*Must learn to stop saying them.

Alina Toi,is always tagging the rest but she refuses to come to me,her twinnie's tagboard!
Alina,must come come,can?!

Cheryl Tsai,her blog's tagboard wordings are so small,how to see?!
Can change tagboard?!

Which reminds me again,there was once where we went to KFC during the weekend to study,Sihui couldn't come and I was late. So I went to study at Cheryl's place after we decided to go home because it's 5pm already. Her uncle is home,watching the tv while her grandma is on the phone. Halfway while teaching me matrices,we listened. Cause her grandma is telling her uncle something in cantonese.

And she said"Oh,my aunt reach BangKok already."
And her grandma said something again in cantonese.
Then Cheryl say again"Oh,my cousin reach Denmark already."
I was like,"wow,you knew cantonese?"
"No,i only know how to listen."
"But,how you know they reach BangKok and Denmark already?"
"Cause my grandma just said so?"
"Er... You mean you can actually say BangKok and Denmark in cantonese...?"
"Er... I don't know,I just understood."=p

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