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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Today is the second day of the lunar seventh month festival,has anyone encountered anything already? Come come,let me tell you what I'm doing on the first day of the seventh month.

I'm watching porn.
Yeah,just joking,stupid.

Anyway,when the clock officially strikes 11pm,
where all the ghosts comes rushing out,
I'm in the bugis movie theatre watching 'The Mummy' with Benjamin,his sister and her bf.
Don't worry,the whole theatre is full,there's empty seats beside me.

YES,the guy beside me is a HUMAN.

Lol,the movie is quite nice la.
Looking out for ghost. Hee.
Anyway,on friday(first day), me and monique were joking about what we shouldn't do.

To those dare-devils out there, why don't you try opening your door,and stand in front of it singing out loud,.
Nice right? We'll see what happens to you next.

Anyway,today so boreeed. Feel so sad that i can't go to SINGfest.
Can't believe,absolutely can't believe that Pussy Cat dolls,Alicia Keys and stacie orrico is actually coming to Singapore and I ACTUALLY CANNOT GO BECAUSE THE TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sad,but never mind.

Anyway,the school humanities department is organizing a trip to vernice.
I wanna go!
It cost $3200. But the sadest thing is,those who went for China Trip can't go.
But never mind,mom said I could travel by myself to Rome at the end of the year,if i can score well. I am gonna aim for it!
I wanna go Rome!!!

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