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Thursday, August 14, 2008

I suddenly found myself not having the need to use the internet anymore,in fact,i don't even feel like coming online. Maybe because the lack of time and common test. Omg,mentioning common test,i seriously think that i flunk every subject. i don't even know how to do them all!


Plus,I had to write an apology letter as instructed by Mr Zul,to mdm cheng for reading a book in her POA class.

You guys remembered ah,she threw my book on the table.

Never mind,I went to see Ms Goh for some guidance,whether i should write or not. Because at least she's righteous! Not like some other teachers or what,only want to save his/her own face and cover up for others,don't wanna listen to whose right and whose.

Never mind,perseverance in getting back my book!
I will write it.

Anyway,i met my bf earlier on tues,cause he got off earlier. And we went to IKEA,love the food there. And we walked around a bit.

Yum,i ordered the almond cake again,deeeeeeeee-licious!

Today,went to study with clique at Burger King.
Then home sweet home.

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