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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I feel as though I'm living in a dream
Days rushed by,making me feel giddy,
as though I'm standing in the middle of the traffic and watching the people around me rushing past me

It's like a fast-forwarded movie.

Did not go to school today. I wish he wouldn't neglect me sometimes,but he had to because he's busy working to support his family,him and me.
I must be understanding.
Felt as though I didn't spend enough time with my clique or something,guess I must be going crazy or over-sensitive.
People say I'm over sensitive,I hope that's just the reason.

Met Mdm Koh Swee Yan and a teacher I haven't seen before(must be a new one). Hehe,will be going back tomorrow to my primary school.

Cheryl's birthday is round the corner!

Aha,you horny guys,stop imagining us in bikinis!
That will never happen.
Even if we do wear them,it's not going to be in front of YOU!

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