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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hellos peepors out there! Hold on,wait,helping my friend to sell.

Selling a black frame spect with no degree,there's a diamond next to the glass. Very nice de wor,only for $25. Price still negotiable.

Anyway,went to watch "Meet Dave" yesterday.

Saw Emmeline and a guy at cineleisure again yesterday.

A bit pissed off.
Because I'm wearing that stupid black tattered shirt
(due to me tearing out the thread)
And he didn't tell me that we're there,i thought we're going Bugis. But anyway,he let me buy a shirt from More Than Words. Chose a tank top. And the lady there who helped me to get a new one. I said"I'm afraid I won't be able to fit in that shirt," Which was ridiculous,but what i meant is something like,can I come back to change if i don't like it or it doesn't fit me. And she started to tell me in those joking manner that,if I say it didn't fit me,it'd be an insult to those who fatter than me. Fuck,you know what she ended the conversation with?

And she laughed.


I don't care who you are,i just want my shirt and I just want to know if I can take it back to change. Plus after she said that,she's like already thinking herself a mediacorp artiste right?

After I ended my purchase,I just smile and told her,

"Actually,I used to be a model too."

I think she a bit stunned dao,she's like got nothing to say,then ling ji a dong say,"Whoo~ Cool! Way to go!" Those kind of shit things.

Anyway,the movie was super nice and Eddie Murphy is so GREAT at acting la!

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