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Sunday, August 03, 2008

The black one is HTC TyTN,which is the phone my mom bought for me. Since my boyfriend and I have the habit of changing phone,and he needs windows mobile cause the internet in the phone can run faster than a Palm. Plus,this is how he convince me to take that white Palm Centro. He says my own phone looks big enough to cover my face,whereas the small one looks dainty enough and it suits me more cause I'm into white.

Okay,my black t-shirt doesn't mean anything,it's just a home shirt okay?!

Friday Night
Just came back from a senior's party,garfield came to fetch me and we decided to eat at Chomp Chomp,look at the size of that sugar cane juice that he and his sister ordered! I think it's as big and long as my face. Or is it bigger?
Boy! This glass is super big la! Don't know if they are really that thirsty,and his sister says I look super funny when I'm trying to reach for the glass. Lol! That night went had actually went to a senior's party. They all sabo shanqi la,made him drink 4-5 glasses of alcohol(cause we're playing games) but a few hours later,he puke,so after that he's alright already. Which by that time,i've left already. Anyway,there was this cute little horny dog there,horny but cute xD I think it's Leon's birthday,13++ people there. His house is damn nice lor,i think maybe he renovated it. Then the table that we were sitting at has a bell/chime on top,if we shake the thing,it will ring. Then some more is the first day of the seventh month mah,we were all like,oi! Don't shake the damn thing can?! You want ghost to come ah?! After that the girls left,only left me and JiaLe. And we went to played mahjong,then Garfield come and fetch me,ShanQi took over me after I left. I won the first round okay! Lol!

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