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Monday, August 11, 2008

9th August 2008
Yay! Happy National Day to Singapore and everyone out there! So happy today,was actually suppose to go work today(no,not happy about going to work,and it's double pay okay?!),but I cancelled it yesterday night because today is garfield's off day!


Finally,my dearest Garfield gets to rest. I had to wait for him for 1 hour,sitting at bugis fountain there and inhaling all the second-hand smoke. I was thinking,boy,I'm SO not going to live for long. And Garfield came,told me that he's not working the next day. Okay,went back to his place to get the car,his sis and her bf.
Then we went to Cineleisure to watch "The journey to the Centre of the Earth",I saw Kelly and Emmeline walking around there,I didn't call them though,I don't even know them.
The movie was great,the 3D graphics were super real. And there are the tensing and hilarious moments there. Aha!

Okay,anyway,back to today,I went over to his house and around 3pm,he just woke up. We were deciding on what to do,since it's going to rain pretty soon and I didn't dressed up because we originally planned to go cycling at east coast.
Hm,how about shopping for ingredients at Cold Storage or something? Then we buy back home to cook. He said okay,but we cabbed down to parkway first.
Decided to have dinner at Wen Dong Ji chicken rice,yum!
I love it there! Then went to Cold Storage entrance,where he bought me a Hello Kitty Bag(HEY! i LOVE hello kitty okay!) from a malay woman who keep saying things to make him buy it,and that really pisses him off. Then his parents came to fetch us back.

Anyway,cut it short.
We went home,he got the car out again,we went to rent the movie "Back to the future" Part 1,2 and 3. Damn nice to watch la,and Garfield dotes on me,he bought me 1 tub of Ben&Jerry's ice cream to eat while watching the movie with him. We pause at part 2,cause I had a terrible headache. I think the chicken rice is too salty. Then Garfield offered to cook noodles for me,sweet right~?

Then we eat already and went upstairs to finish part 2.

8th August 2008
Didn't go to school again today,cause it's only celebration. Had actually wanted to meet Xueting,but I had to go out with clique to the expo Border's book fair. Cool! I got a couple of "The little black dress" book at $4 only! Outside I got it for $10+,which means like I kena cheated la=.=
But I only bought 2 books,cause might not have enough money to eat seoul garden with cheekin they all.
Stupid,in the end also everyone late,never meet us. Clique were disappointed,we just went to eat Fish & Co. by ourselves.
This is called,

our special clique moments.

We had fun eating and were quite full,plus I complained them until we don't need to pay for the service charge,which was 10%. We ate up to $70. Haha,nice food there.

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