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Monday, August 11, 2008

10 August 2008
Study with Clique at KFC

(again! clique,can we change location next time please?)

YiKhoon is there too,super hate him lah.
Keeps being sarcastic.


Left at 6 to Cheryl's house to scan the SS paper for me.

Then met up with Xue Ting,
(feeling bad that the past few days say wanted to meet but never meet)
bus 27 to Tampines Mall to catch "Money No enough 2".
Bought the tickets liao and pei her go eat at Pastamania.
Her eye got infection,so she's wearing shades,indoors.
She's feeling a little bit hungry,and so was I craving for popcorn.
So we bought the stupid combo of "The space Chimps",which consists of a big drink,popcorn and a stupid banana.
For $9? Don't you think it's WAY TOO expensive?
But luckily,I caught sight of the money bank instead and change it to that money bank.
Save money.

Anyway,please don't watch the movie.
It's ridiculously unrealistic and stupid. Thought the problem faced by many singaporeans is there,but it's stupid and not worth the money to watch it during weekends. Only take away your time.
Bad 3D graphics,unrealistic plots.

Bad Garfield,it's 12am liao he's still in his shop doing things with his cousin.
He promised to come and fetch me de lor.
Never mind,I am independent de,went to take bus 168 back.

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