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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Went to Bugis in the morning,I skipped school again today and mom didn't know cause I was staying at Garfield's place. Sigh,I'm really sorry that I disappointed you all,i just simply can't get all the things that i'm suppose to study in my head. I accompany Garfield to go to work today,then went to the library there and read. I left at 1. Gawd,i'm late already lor! Some more jia yi la,ask me to buy something for her. Lol,that was super lame man. Okay,then quickly rush back to Bugis Junction basement buy chocolates for Jia Yi. Intended to get for her the Belgium chocolate and I would try a new chocolate,raspberry. Said to be sweet and sour at the same time.


Okay,reach school around2.30pm. Oh so shit,I am SO late for it already!

Hey guys,everyone in guzheng.
This part shall be specially dedicated to all of you (;
Firstly,I wanna thank you all for giving me a chance to be the concert master. THANK YOU!
Haha,and then,special thanks to JiaYi also. She help me to stall the time by letting the rest to come in and talk first. Ms Vicky had actually wanted to deduct most of my marks,but JiaYi help me to put in a few words.
And to Zhen Ying for giving me encouragement,I will cherish this chance de xD
Also must thank Ms Vicky,she took the time to listen to us and decide what would be best for Guzheng.
I will promise to come in early and on time,do the best for Guzheng. If you guys don't know anything and wanna ask,you can ask me or other sec3s. They'll help you and,
Hope I wouldn't disappoint you guys in making this decision.
Let's work towards good results for next year's SYF. Jia you,everyone!
Congratulations to JiaYi too,for becoming the Chairperson.
And all the best for Gerald to becoming our secretary.
I'm sure they'll do well in it.

Concert Master= YingZi
Chairperson = JiaYi
Secretary = Gerald
Quarter Master=Monique,HweePing

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