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Monday, July 07, 2008

Went out with them to Bugis. Took bus 80 with Alina from SengKang. Rained.I love rain. Met up with them,walk around,went mos burger. Played Arcade. No pictures.
Dark grey clouds.
I really want a Canon professional Camera very very much. I told this to Garfield,and he said that it's not hua suan to buy. I still have to buy each individual lens for different kind of landscape. One for close-up.
One for scenery.
One for taking far pictures.
One for taking close sceneries.
The photos coming out from each lens is very different,so lens is quite important. I understood that.
If I'm going to buy,the first one I'd buy is the close-up one.
I wouldn't have much need for buying a long-distance lens.
Goodness knows how much pictures I can take! Each time I see a scenery,i knew the kind of photos I could take and it'll surely be beautiful.
In other words,I would love to play around with these kind of camera.
If i'm ever going to get one of these,I'm going to ask Uncle James to teach me how to use them.
If only.

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