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Monday, July 14, 2008

Went out with Austin,shermaine,Nan Hong and my brother today.
Why does everyone asks me out when I am going to go out with the most important friend that I should go out with because he just came back?
Tan Li Zhen ask me out.
Alina Toi ask me to go study with her.
I might be studying with Geraldine after they left.
Lim Xin Yi asks me if I wanna go out with her after her guzheng ends.
Decline all,went out with Austin and shermaine after they arrived at my place.
Sian again.
Never mind,met up with Nan Hong at the MRT station. Changed plans and went to Bugis.
Walk around before heading to Tampines Mall.
I was a bit pissed that Austin and Shermaine should walked away all the time,leaving me and Nan Hong and my bro. Anyway,bought a new horror book. Cool.
Decided to part at Tampines,and Austin says he's going to see shermaine home.
It dawned me that he's in love with shermaine! That would explain their disappearance all the time to spend er-ren-shi-jie! Great! I hope he's happy,since that he misses Singapore so much,he really should have a girlfriend here to remincse about.
Bus-ed home with Nan Hong,looking forward to next saturday's picnic at east coast with 6/4. And watched all my favorite shows on channel 5 and read my book.
Incredible tales
(though today's topic is kinda lame)
Pushing Daisies
(forever nice to watch,but that would make you wonder how is it possible for the pie maker not to touch her at all? Be it accidental or not)

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