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Monday, July 28, 2008

Went out to catch a midnight movie,The Dark Knight,with Ben,his sister and her bf. Went to get his foldable bike first,which was pretty cool and easy to use. Then went to eat at Billy Bombers,because the basement japanese restaurant change their closing time already.
Wow,my first time eating at Billy Bombers,it was actually pretty cool and the food is nice.
The decorations there was like Old American style,which makes sense because the guy who opened it was
a young pilot who just returned home from World War II,
ready to start a new life.
He name this restaurant after his teddy bear,Billy Bombers.

Okay,Garfield and I shared a plate combo of Spicy and Original Ribs for the cost of $36.90 while his sister and her bf each had a plate chicken for $20 over dollars,if I'm not wrong. Okay,also,they're celebrating their one-and-a-half month anniversary.
The bill was around $80,which was actually very expensive. Never mind,forget it.
And we went for the show at 12.50 am.
Whoa,Joker was actually kinda good at acting.
He made his first appearance with his
monotone laughter. And that stupid magic trick of making the pencil disappear,slamming down that guy's head on it.

"BAM! And it's gone~!"

He is actually a pretty good actor,guess he really did brought out the Joker style.

Why am I not praising Batman? Well,because there's nothing much to talk about Batman,his facial expression is always the same.

I told Garfield that I didn't like the ending,where even though he saved Commissioner Gordon's family and him,he still have to have the law after him for killing 5 people. Which was so wrong,because it's just to cover up the fact that the good-turned-evil two-face guy killed them instead.
Well,Garfield said that the story was like this,the ending is always this gloomy. Well,it's cool,but I hate it. Btw,I really like the part about the 2 ships and the one with convicts and public deciding who to bomb first.

But anyway,afterwards we were joking about Batman in the Marvel series that he had no super powers at all,and always had to have people carrying him while they fly in the air.

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