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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Went Cheekin's house watch movie while Garfield drove to work for a couple of hours. Watch movie at his place,and do elearning. Haha,all kan cheong and want answers leh! Went to Compass Point to get Mac take-away for everyone. Omg,11 meals. 3 fillet and 8 mcSpicy. Can or not? Behind enough meat? Heh,rented The Grudge 2. Siao bodoh,not nice to watch de sia. Stupid movie. But it's scary la,at first the guys pretend pretend,then halfway quickly go play comp. Then stupid ken,take 2 cushions and put cover his ears. Duh,all the guys got freaked out by the ghost. Hehehe. Then around 6.30,garfield come and fetch me while the guys played basketball. Cheryl was like,begging and pestering benjamin to send her home. Alina,needless to say,we'll send her home cause it's on the way. Then went to IKEA to eat,and walk around. I super super love the almond cake at IKEA lor! So nice!!! Then we quickly went off to Tampines Mall and Garfield bought a lot of assorted sweets from Umeya for me. Yum yum! Then went in to watch "Get Smart". Wow,inside got hiro nakamura. The japanese guy from Heroes! Cool,and the show is super duper funny sia. Haha. Then Garfield send me home. Kiss goodnight.

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