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Friday, July 04, 2008

Stupid Eliz,don't wanna go out with me today. Must be with her Boyfriend again! Awww,sad. Anyway,I reach school at 8am today. Cause i travelled from Garfield's house. Yes,yesterday he shouted at me for getting irritated when he was deleting some stuffs while i was checking his phone halfway. Come on you peeps! When you're checking your boyfriend's phone halfway and your boyfriend took it back to delete some messages and and call log,would you guys out there be irritated? What will you be thinking? Can somebody out there please be a kind soul so as to tell me? Er,sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah,late for school. Today is like Valentine's day,and i bet the MONTAGE should be the busiest making deliveries as ordered by students,muahahaha! I bet it's send to their love ones in school,or secret admirers! Heh,saw the list,many of them send to another as anonymous! Haha,i bet MONTAGE is making a good profit! Stupid Hui Siang,don't give then don't give la. I hope the root beer float you bought floods your shirt! Muahaha! Evil rules!
Okaysa,that's a bit crazy. But anyway,went home while the rest went to sculpture park to play. Sorry clique,i'm feeling a bit tired these days. See you guys on monday!

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