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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Some people might be wondering why didn't I update my blog about my trip to china. First,i was kinda traumatised by what happened over,secondly,i've learned many things. And that includes not trusting people too much because you could stupidly believe what they tell you and tell them things that you shouldn't have,and in the end,lose your friendship. Anyway,I drop Garfield's phone into the stupid china toilet bowl.Yes,that stink like hell and i cannot dry it or even clean it until i got back to the hotel,which was 3 hours later and the phone has spoiled. It was a PDA for god's sake. I really couldn't bear to tell my bf,and i didn't know what to do. And this baby cost Garfield nearly a thousand dollars and it's gone down the toilet bowl. Literally. Oh god.



1st Compact 3.5G Windows Mobile PDA Phone

Hot on the heels of the highly popular 838Pro, the D810 brings the connectivity options of the 838Pro in the form of a more compact device.

Ultimate Connectivity

The D810 comes with Quadband GSM, Triband WCDMA (3G), high-speed WiFi (802.11g), GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth 2.0. On top of all this, the D810 is also 3.5G HSDPA capable.

With 3.5G HSDPA, the D810 will be able to access the Internet up to 6 times faster than current 3G speeds (subject to network conditions).

All this connectivity has but one objective in mind – to keep you connected and in touch as far as existing technology allows.

Excellent ergonomics

Sporting a 360° scroll wheel, 5-way navigation button and additional soft keys plus other controls, the D810 is also designed for ultimate convenience. Do almost everything even when holding the sleek, polished D810 in one hand.

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