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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lol,yesterday keep getting scolded by teachers.
First is Mr Pang,he's sot sot de,so don't care about him.Anyhow scold people,i asking my friends things right? WTF? He thinks he's still in China trip,wanna counsel me ah?

Wait long long la.

Second is Mdm Cheng,understandable that she's in bad mood cause everyone never go to AVA and we miss half the lesson. But worse,she spend the other half scolding us=.= And joyce was disturbing me,and i said sorry la,to joyce. And mdm cheng was like,staring at me because I interrupted her. And she made me apologised,because she thought i'm saying sorry to her and attitude her with the "la" behind!


That was to Joyce okay,you idiot!

Anyway,things to settle after school. Whether she happy or not,it's over already.
Thanks to Hui Xuan's advise ;D
Then went to compasspoint,cheryl went popular to buy things.
It's not really that popular anyway,us 4 had very bad experience there.

Anyway,after that went home,sleep for awhile before meeting XueTing. Lol,I was late =P
Anyway,we walked around from shop to shop. Zara;Mango;Diva♥ blah blahh..
Went home,most of the shops had close already and also because she don't wanna join me and ben for dinner. Sigh,i wished she had stayed,but she had to go back and pass a sling bag to LiPing.
And also,I got scolded by Benjamin.
His friend fetched him to marina,and we walked back to city hall without telling him. And he had to walk a long way back to city hall. By the time he reached,all shops were closed already.
So that's why he scolded me,and we went back home.
He brought me and ee shuen to eat punggol nasi lemak at katong. Yumyum!

Heya,maybe we'll find Katong laksa at Punggol?

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