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Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's funny that when people are tired,things seems to have slowed down. When people are energetic,there's so many things on their of what they wanna do to start the day. I came back from CO yesterday,reach bedok around 6.45pm. I really have no money these days,ask my clique. They knew I've been eating a lot lesser than i use to,and no more eating cakes at Starbucks. I had only $7 dollars(which was my mom's actually) and i use it to buy like,a canned luncheon meat and some ham? These days the prices are really horrible. I'm not some missy rich okay? I just happen to have a,rich boyfriend? He's not that damn rich kind,but he's good enough to indulge me in almost my every whim and desire. Anyway,I was standing outside the entrance and wondering if i have enough money to buy milk or not. And then got a woman walk past me and stop,shouted to her husband,"Hey,wait. I wanna go in and buy 4D first." What the fuck??! Here I am,standing and worrying over whether there's enough food at home and this idiotic lady is going to buy 4D?! Come on! People don't even strick most of the time,i seriously wonder where did they get their numbers from? Dreams? That's stupid,who do they think they are? The 'Mo Jing Jing' from the 'Holland Village' drama? You guys have any idea how much people actually spend in 4D?! It's 4.2 BILLION,mind you! And that lady has just contributed a part of it. Gawd,it makes me feel like puking at this kind of disgusting habit. Hopefully,I wouldn't morph into one of them in future.

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