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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I took a bus from ben's house. Wished I had skipped today's lessons. The sky was so reddish brown,with lightning flashing and lighting up ben's room for a split second before plunging into darkness again.
Sigh,so tired...
Wish for more rest.
Keep falling asleep during A math lesson,I think i must have a phobia against A math. I will fall asleep everytime Mr Toh starts talking.
Or is it him whose boring me?
Lol,finished school and head off the Chemistry lab for China trip meeting. Phew,today's meeting was fast,we practice presenting the slides. Haha,assembly tomorrow is SO gonna be boring!
Anyway,head off to Guzheng Room at 3.30pm.
Argh!I spoiled the handle again!
Okay,I didn't spoil it,but it drop off cause someone else spoiled it! Ms Vicky let the rest go off first to gather at 2e3 while she taught Zheng 2 awhile more. Haha,it's really fun. Wen Chuan came first,then Hui Xuan came. Awhile later then Melissa,Kai Xin and Grace came. Lol,so much fun. Alina,Hui Xuan and me keep talking and laughing,so many jokes to share!
So many things to catch up on la. Hahs.
AND HUI XUAN KEEP EATING AND EATING! LOL! Still can tell us that the most she ever ate before was 4 plates of chicken rice!
We dump everything on the dustbin,even though the Pizza boxes doesn't fit in at all.
I wonder how many thousands of ants will be marching outside 2e3.

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