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Sunday, July 20, 2008

After much anticipation for a new phone,I've finally chosen HTC TyTN II.
Though people said it's not good,it's laggy,slow and yada yada yada;
it's because you people put too much programs inside,you bunch of idiots!
All phones are good,depending on how you use it.
Besides,I'm a student,I don't need much customization.
Tada,I present, HTC TyTN II!

I think it's much better than this HTC Diamond Touch,cause the phone will be shaky when put on flat surface. Saw this back cover? Yeah.

Thank you,Mummy!
I really love her,she really dotes on me sia!
This phone cost nearly her one month salary. And I said NEARLY. Okay,this cost 700++.

Well,we were choosing this between the HTC touch cruise,but I decided that life would be torturous without a keypad.

I decided on this phone,and she was asking me if I could get the touch cruise instead,where it's much cheaper like,only 500. And also if there's a need for me to use such an expensive phone.

I really love this phone a lot,so I chu jue zhao,I said "Please? I really like this phone."

And that's it.

We're taking this,please take a new one out for my daughter.

Yay! But there's a lot of trouble.

Cause,firstly,my mom is actually rushing off to work,so she just sign everything and gave me the credit card. And,the worst that I imagined came. After countless of tries,the card still can't work. I was wondering why,so I said i'd collect it tomorrow,which is today.
(Okay,actually,my mom forgot to tell me the last pin no.)
And I called and left a message for mom to call back. Maybe there's not enough money inside? I went to the ATM machine to check the balance.
And the stupid machine ate my credit card.


It print a reciept,"Sorry,your card has been retained for mis-usage."
Crap,they thought I stole that credit card and anyhow use it.
And then mummy called,and said I must have tried too many times at the cashier awhile ago at Starhub. She said I could go down to Aljunied and collect another card from her. Boy,mummy is so understanding,she didn't even scold me for letting the STUPID ATM machine eat her credit card.

Oh boy,how how how?
It meant that from Tampines,I have to go to Aljunied,walk along geylang,then back to Tampines,then to tanah merah,then to airport. Sianz,from airport back to bedok,then go home and out to City Hall.
(hey,don't insult my mom okay? She's just working as a cleaner in a hotel)
Cause I'm actually suppose to fetch Kar Zhun from the airport in half an hour's time with Amy,and after that I need to rush home and change before meeting another friend.
Never mind,I head off to the airport first,fetch Kar Zhun,then went back to his place with Amy.
One note taken,the guy which he rented the room to,a bus driver,is a sicko which really freak me out. I shan't elaborate on it.
Then went home,changed. I know I'd be late in meeting her,but I still went to Geylang,then travel back to Tampines and get my phone. Then travel City Hall. But she didn't turn up,something happened. Again,shan't elaborate.
Never mind,I head down to Bugis and meet Garfield. And after went over to his place.
Had seafood supper at East Coast.

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