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Friday, July 18, 2008

Guzheng and Fight

Sigh,I didn't do a good job at guzheng yesterday. I did not know how to lead or give cue for them to come in. Guess that that must be practiced,hopefully the rest can guide me along.

New responsibility,additional stress.

Seriously cannot imagine the spotlight on us on the day of SYF and the thought that I will have to give cue.

Yesterday,was a bit angry at mom for not bringing me to do my starhub plan. Not her fault la,she's sick already and tired.
Went to meet Garfield around 10+,lol,he fell asleep for awhile at the shop. Anyway,we went to have mee sua near kembangan MRT. There's no one eating around us except the table next to us. Then i go sit facing behind them. After ordering,Garfield looked at the next table and then whispered to me,"later surely quarrel de." I didn't take much notice cause i thought he wa joking or what. Anyway,i can only hear Guy A talking and another woman was telling him to stop talking to already,if anything wanna talk,talk tomorrow. Guy B interrupted.

Guy A said"你相不相信我一个杯飞过去?"
Guy B said"你会飞我就不会飞啊?!"

Saying that,Guy B immediately flung a beer glass at him. Which,surprisingly missed him and flew past our legs. The Guy A immediately stood up and take the empty bottle of heineken,intending to whack Guy B. But lucky the woman stop him. Guy B bu shuang then take another glass and smash on the floor. What the fuck. People eating la,you want to fight,go find another fucking place to fight la. Leave la,don't come and act act pay money for the glass or what la. Stupid right? If you want to fight,go find another place. People eating,disrupt their mood. If that glass manage to hit me,i swear i would flip the whole table and start swearing. They're a little bit fierce but i'm not faltered by that. In fact,the glass just flew over and I didn't even give a damn about it,I just continue eating.
Surprise,surprise. We're sitting so close to each other and it can actually flew in between our legs and it didn't hit us.
After we left,I ask Garfield how did he know,and he said just taking one look at him and the rest are keeping so quiet,(cause they getting hot by what he said what,he keep on"cat"-ing them)
then the woman telling him to stop talking. Anyway,can you believe that the Guy A is actually a boss and the rest of the 3 guys and one woman are his employee? He brainless or what? Telling them off like they're a piece of shit,and like he big boss,can scold anyone he like. Some more he's a chef leh,still talk about cooking at other people's eatery! He huo gai,asking for it by saying that he's going to throw a glass over. Anyway,those people are crude lor,no manners at all. a little bit of vulgarities. Stoot.

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