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Monday, July 14, 2008

Cause I'm feeling kinda down today,have this extremely insecure feeling about my life.
That my life could have been a whole big lie,lies and deception.
The feeling was so terrible,it feels like you're standing on top of a 100th storey building and that you could see the whole landscape of the city,and the people below looked like ants walking around. It seemed like you're going faint and fall or fly downwards with a whooshing feeling in your stomach if supposedly that there people behind you telling that they had actually been lying to you all along.

And plus again,I didn't go to school today. Mom's sick,so all of us overslept.
That's another bad thing about living far away from school,because you couldn't run to school if you overslept. Once,in my primary school,I overslept until 7am. Then I was thinking of skipping school when I realise it was higher chinese exam that day. So i brushed my teeth,changed,skipped breakfast and ran all the way to school. It might seemed unbelievable but when I reach school,it was just 7.15am,just in time to hear the bell ringing.
Lol. Maybe because I used to be in the athletics in my primary school.
Anyway,I've got nothing to do now. So went to jiayi's blog and entertain myself with that quiz xD
(jiayi,thanks ah! I can entertain myself now)

Name 20 people you can think of right now.Dont read the question till u name the 20 people.At the end of this , choose 5 people to do this.
(20 people in my life)

How did you meet 14(XinYi)?
In pri2 when I asked her if she could lend me her staple.

What will u do if u dont meet 1(Alina)?
I'd miss taking bus home with her.

What if 9(Monique) and 20(AiLin) dated ?
They're both girls,and I don't suppose they would be interested in each other,as a couple.

Will 6(ChuXuan) and 17(Leo) date ?
They are world apart.

Describe 3(SiHui) .
Fishball. Heehee!(she's going to come after me for this=p)

Is 8(ZhenYing) attractive ?
Yeah,but I wouldn't be interested in her,at least not as a couple.

Will u ever date 8?
Didn't I just said that I'm not interested?

Describe 7(JiaYi) .
Someone who is very responsible. And maybe a little bit noisy(lol,she's going to kill me for this) xD

Know any of 12's(HweePing) family members ?

What will u do if 18(Charlie) broke up ?
He's currently single.

What languages does 15(JiaYing) speak ?
English. Chinese. Crap language.

who is 9(Monique) going out with ?
Not sure. Maybe I should ask her.

How old is 16(Austin) ?

when was the last time u spoke to 13(Elizabeth) ?
Last Saturday.

Who is 2's(Cheryl) favourite singer/band ?
Jonas Brothers.

Will u ever like 4 ?
I loved him to death.

Will u ever date with 1(Alina)?
Never,we've got no interest to be lesbians.

Is 19(HuiXuan) single ?
Yeah,and she's hot too!

what's 10's(Gerald) full name ?
Gerald Toh Yi Cheng

Will u ever be in a relationship with 11(Emily)?
No. Friendship,yes.

where does 6 live(ChuXuan) ?
Near Geraldine's house.

Favourite thing about 5(YanYing).
She loves make-up.

Sabo 5 people to do this survey (:
Yan Ying

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