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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Had Guzheng today. Was actually pretty tired already,throughout the whole week i've been sleeping like 4 or 5 hours only. Cause met up with Garfield and stay over at his place. Gerald let us watch some videos that Vicky had passed to him. After that everyone went back to tune their Guzheng while Zhen Ying,Monique and me stayed behind to watch some of the songs.
Hm,we went to take bus 86 to go home. Heard some complaints from some people,I do agree with some of them. Though I wouldn't comment too much.
So... Now they knew how I felt at that time when we're really pissed with each other and quarreling all the time?
Sometimes,I just keep them to myself and watch. I am also,maybe like some of them,tired of his unreasonable ways.
Guess we've got to be there always to help and correct him.
Rained heavily,but it finally stopped before I reached Vicky's place for lessons.
Hm,saw Vicky on the bus,walk with her back to her house.
I mentioned to her about some things going on in Guzheng,she agrees on it too. Hm,had a long talk about it too. Then start lessons.
I'm not very good at it,in fact,i'm very bad at the songs that i'm suppose to be playing.
I'm scared,
I'm lost.
I don't know what the outcome is going to be.

Skipped school today,I am too tired.
I didn't get MC,mayby mom would help me write parent's letter.
I travelled back from Ben's house and reached home at 7. Turn on the air-con and slept all the way until 4.30. Haha,tired huh? Then at night watch tv,Mom took out the photos that i just printed and saw all the photos that i took with ben.
I was so outraged that i screamed at her,
snatched the photos and threw it across my bedroom.
Then I closed the door and continued watching tv while she looked at me and start nagging about my friends.
I really feel like saying fuck,but that's not right.
But anyway,at that time i really felt like tearing up all the pictures into half.
Even though it's not his fault that my mom saw the photos.
But she was better to me afterwards cause she cut all the fruits for me as desserts and she didn't say much.
Then met up with benjamin and his sister.
Watch movie and stayed at his place.
And I mentioned terrible about his work and that insulted him. He got so pissed that he threw something at me. It didn't hit me though,but at that time I really wondered why was I with him in the first place.
I really felt like we're not meant to be together,and to think about it
We've been quarreling everyday.
I just don't want him to be so tired.
So tired.

He apologised this morning.
Went to work today.
Vana asked me to go back.
Very tired.
Slept at 4am yesterday cause I went to watch HellBoyII with garfield,his sister and her bf at Plaza Singapore.
Nothing much,at home blogging.
Just kinda tired.

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