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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Went to vivo today. Garfield drove back to fetch his dad,and he was talking to his mom. Staring out the window,looking at the city in the night time,i was thinking about SKSS guzheng troupe. It's like epiphany,where i suddenly realise. Hey,we're the seniors now,the eldest where the juniors would look up to us. As the sec 4s had graduated,we're totally in charge of everything now. Everyone has changed because of it,and of course towards becoming a better person. Half the year has passed now,we have less than half the year left to shape guzheng up before handing over to the juniors. It's really like,WOW. Because of the chaos,with guzheng having no instructor,internal quarrels,it's really really chaotic. I wouldn't blame on people who detest coming here to see us quarrel,or cry. Seriously,thanks to everyone who help to make Guzheng of what it is now. Especially to Gerald(our guzheng leader),know that it's really hard for him to change,but he managed. Which is good! Maybe it's call the power of love! Lol. Okay,shan't stress on that anymore.
ANYWAYSSSS,we have to work hard on next year's SYF,i'm pretty sure that the very first few batch of seniors are quite disappointed to see that we didn't get GOLD. Work hard,because even if we got silver,we knew that we had work hard for it and would never regret it.(But that does not give you guys the excuse to work a little less harder okay?!) And for us,sec3s,we'll have to shape up everything and solve the problems before handing over to the juniors.

In other words,thank you everyone,especially the committee members for making Guzheng a better place for everyone. It's going to be a new start.
Thanks guys!

-Ying zi-
(speaking from the bottom of my heart and as a discipline welfare committee member)

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