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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Went out with garfield yesterday to celebrate our one year. Was actually kinda disappointed that he not only got too busy,forget our one year anniversary,forget to take off that day. Maybe it's my fault for not reminding him earlier? Okay lor,never mind. He told me to go City Hall MRT station to wait for him,then waited for halfway an hour,Shawn fetch him to the MRT station. He ask me to upstairs,i thought got what surprise. Chey,nothing lor. He also never get any present for me. He said he walked around the whole sim lim building also cannot find anything for me,cause it's all IT stuff. Come on la,anything will do right? Or is present really not important? Maybe i shouldn't mind at all that he didn't get me anything? Besides,we head down to CHIJMES,Hog's breathe Cafe. At first,there's no seats inside. Because it's FULLY BOOKED,totally no seats. I was really,really,really disappointed,because i did ask him to make a reservation in the afternoon. He said the last order was 10.30,so he was so sure that there'll be seats. It's a friday night for god's sake,everyone will be everywhere,especially CHIJMES this kind of place. He apologised for not making the reservation. Then don't know why,the manager can suddenly produce 2 seats. So we went in and we ordered 2 sets,one is a big plate of finger food and another is a plate of fries,chicken and ribs. Mmmm~ Very nice! Heh.
It's really expensive,us eating just like that cost around $64++. He even jokingly ask if i can take this meal as my present.
Okay,what the hell.
Then we walk back to city hall MRT station,met up with his sis and her bf. Then went to Marina Square watch "Don't mess with the Zohan" Haha,it's really funny. I now understood why they couldn't show it in 2000. But that's also a good thing,otherwise,i would have miss this funny movie xD I saw the wrong movie timing,it's actually 12.25am,yet i can see it on the web at 11.20pm. So it's my fault? He lean over and mention to me,whether i realise that i'm the only one who keep seeing the wrong movie timing?
Took a merc cab back to his house,stayed overnight.

I pressed away his alarm clock this morning,i forgot to wake him up. This is the second time,and he's yelling at me why did i press it away and cause him to be late for work? Okay,it's my fault also. I pressed it cause i thought it was too noisy,and that i thought that i'd wake him up in awhile. Seriously,if i just snooze it,it'll keep ringing every 10 mins,from 9am-1030am,he might not wanna wake up yet. In the past,there's a lot of time where i woke up every 10 min for 3-4 times,pressing the snooze button while he still slept like a pig. Fine,even at breakfast,he just sat on the chair,the food is already on the table. He can still shout at me to get a spoon for him. Seriously,what the fuck am i to him? His maid or what? Seriously,i'm just as tired as he is,everyone is,in the morning! Would you wanna wake up every 10min just to press his snooze button? Can you actually get enough rest?
When the food is on the table,just walk to the kitchen YOURSELF,and get the bloody spoon?
I help you take your clothes,you complain that i never take all.
I help you take ALL your clothes,you said not to hang your home clothes but take out the hanger and pack neatly.
I pack neatly,put into the cupboard,you tell me not to squeeze everything together.
I change in the morning,you tell me to remember to throw the used clothes into the bathroom.
Every morning and night,i have to get a cup of ice water for you.
At night when we're both tired,you tired from working,and me from don't know what,i have to go downstairs and fill a bottle of ice water from you.
Even if i'm tired,i have to massage your back cause your bones are aching.
Work is important for you,so am i. And you told me not to interfere with your work.
You said you would let me play hell gate london,in the end,you're the one playing my character until it's time to send jovin home and i cannot play at all. Yes,it's your comp,your game,your house. But you promise to let me play. And i'm reading an article online,you also never ask if you can close it or not,and you close it just like that. Come on la,even my friends know i read very fast,why can't you wait for like,5 seconds for me to finish it? I'm halfway finishing liao can? I fucking hate people interrupting me when i'm halfway reading something okay?

You told me this morning that i seem to be taking your place for granted,you say i already got no feeling that it's other people's place,YOUR PLACE. Fine,i have no feeling already,true. Because then i wouldn't be doing this kind of things for you. Then next time,you get your own spoon,make your own drink,get your own clothes,pack them,and clean up your own room,throw your own tissue paper. The most i don't stay at your place la,i don't come over also can. At night if it's too late then don't meet also never mind. We'll see about it if you wanna call how many meis in the middle of the night. I haven't even mention about your phone. It's not whether ready to give up privacy or not,IT'S THAT AS A COUPLE,THERE SHOULD BE NO BLOODY SECRETS OR LOCKING THE BLOODY DAMN PHONE. If you don't feel like telling me that you want to meet a girl friend in the morning 2am,because she's crying,then don't tell. At least i won't have to dream about you meeting other girls outside right?
It's suppose to be sweet one year,why do i feel so disappointed?
Yeah,never mind.
Sweet,happy one year anniversary.

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