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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Went out to Orchard with Eliz yesterday. Wow,i woke up at 4.30 yesterday. Well,expected,since i slept so late. Anyway,had 2 bowls of porridge at home before going out at 6.30. MRT to Orchard. We went to Takashimaya basement eat first,but i only accompany her cause i have no money and aren't feeling hungry. Then there totally has no seat for us,but got this 3 ladies stood up and was about to leave. And i had been standing waiting for the seats while Eliz buy her food. As they left,this woman holding her food was standing there about to seat already(hey! I was there first okay!) And eliz quickly walked over and we both sat down before she could. And she was like,staring at us. Fuck,i'm there first okay you idiot. And me and eliz were like talking loudly saying,"Oh hey,yingzi. You were here waiting already right?" And i was going,oh yeah. She had no choice but to stand and wait. And the china people beside her went off,so she could seat down and eat. Eliz was rolling her eyes cause this stupid woman kept looking at us like we're in the wrong. Okay,whatever.

We finish up,which was quite nice la,and went off. Eliz lent me money to buy that chocolate chewy brownie. Oh! Such delicacy! I love the chewiness! So nice! Garfield called,and we went to bugis to buy her skinnies first before parting our ways. Garfield and I head off to his place,his mom had cooked Tom Yam soup. Lol,i tell you,his mom's tom yam soup is the best. During MYE,i was writing halfway and day-dreaming about that Tom Yam soup... Ahh... Lol,i'm not saying that that's the reason i flunk my exams! =p

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