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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Super tired and hungry now,rehearsals after rehearsals. All ending at 7,reaching home at 8+. Bloody,still 3 chinese compo that i lost and need to rush,pass up tomorrow. My chinese teacher not even understanding at all,i know it's my fault that i didn't hand in before the holiday ends,but i also rehearsals right??? Some more give us detention form. What kind of teacher is that??? Wth? Then now Garfield not meeting me cause he's feeling drowsy. Okay,never mind. He also said that it's not good to keep going over his place. What?! I didn't say I wanna go over right? I'm tired after a long day and i just wanna have dinner with him. Okay,not his fault. I didn't mention that i wasn't going over. Plus,i think his sis hates me a lot. She told me to wash me dishes after i've eaten,adding that her mom help me wash them. Okay,how was i suppose to know that i'm suppose to wash them? And I thought dishes were left overnight to wash all together the next day what. Besides,everything we go out to get supper or what,I took the front seat and she sat behind. Could she possibly hate me over that?! Whatever,okay? I don't wanna be critized by his family members. Anyway,i seriously seriously think this year's drama is not nice at all. I don't know what kind of script are they writing. Luckily Garfield not coming,otherwise,he'd be saying that it's a waste of his money. Anyways,waking up at 5.30 tomorrow to go to school. Bringing CO uniform,boots and make-up kit. What the fuck,i think someone stole my CO uniform.It's missing. Awww,come on you fuckers who stole it,i know it's you.
Bloody piece of shit.

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