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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Read Leo's blog. Super funny and it's true. He said that an ex-friend of his got flamed in her blog. Yeah,it's true. If you're not very popular,stay LOW! Especially if you're the kind that everyone-hates-me. Getting kicked out of the "popular" group and be hated for the rest of your life in school. Awww,so poor thing. You've gotta be hated everywhere until you leave the school. Who knows? Someone from the same secondary school just graduated into the same school as you are,and start bitching about you again. Poof! There we go again,OUTCAST~ Another thing is,don't blog all the time about your bf. Nobody wants to know how cute he is. The way you yap about it,it's just disgusting. Plus,are you trying to show off your bfs to those who are single? Make them jealous? Whatever,plus,i'm not saying you can't have a bf. Just be careful of what you say. Plus,another point that i made myself. If you wanna tell your conversation about yourself and another unknown person,bickering over some stupid things. Stop it. It's super boring. Do you want yourself to look stupid or what? People would just stare at you,what's on their mind is "what the hell is this shrimp trying to tell me?" You'll be just trying to look like a retard. Haha to you.

Omfg,there's a bouquet of dying roses in my living room. Not just a bouquet,2 i think! over 20 roses in my living room=.= Never mind,i love Champagne roses. I'll turn them into dried ones and pull out the petals. I love dried rose petals^^

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