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Friday, June 06, 2008

Reach home around around 6. Lol,I stepped into the house and thought that a whirl wind just came by. There's bits of white tissue paper everywhere,covering the floor like snow.


He went crazy biting it around my house.

Went for Guzheng this morning. Shit,i overslept. So i went to the clinic to get MC,also shun bian check my ribcage(we played the stupid "taupok" game in our hotel room,and i think i hurt it) cause till now still pain. Wtf? The clinic SO many people,the registration had to wait for at least 30+ people;I can't imagine how many people inside is waiting to see the doctor. So went to school straight away. Surprise,surprise. Gerald didn't even ask me to to give him any MC or parents letter for my late-coming.
Anyway,they were having 2 hour lunch break at RP. And after that we came back to Guzheng room to play. I'm really surprise to find that guy changed a lot. Is it because of love? Seems like he's laughing more at ease now,interacting with everyone;especially sophie! Lol! I'm really glad to see him more relax and smiling more now,not as stress as before. =) Good,jia you everyone. Can see that you guys are taking this cultural night so seriously. After this thing is over,we'll work towards next year's SYF okay? Make this cultural night a success! =)
Oh ya! I found my Guzheng nails already! Thank god! Jia Yi saw it in Yan Yan's guzheng! Yay!

It's embarressing to confess,but i found myself wanting to learn more about this guy that is so different from the past.

We shall see.

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