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Thursday, June 05, 2008

okies,first post after i came back from china,days went by in a blur,yet sometime it seems to stop..
I hope that everything is fine back here in singapore while i was away in china. Anyway,here's the pictures of me in the airport. Garfield was pushing me around in the trolley,and i nearly fell! Haha,laughing all the way like crazy. And i called the rest,see where are they. Though i was outside the foodcourt,mark was the first one to see me,and he tell the rest. So paiseh la! Garfield still playing around and pushing the trolley while the rest turned and saw me. Haha!
Then i was at T3 mac,looking for another battery to replace the dopod,and i look up again. Eh? How come got a Eeyore balloon there? Omg! I love it! Wait,how did it get there? I also didn't see garfield putting it there. It's gonna be a mystery that can't be solved,cause i don't know how he hid it. Or where he hid it.=p

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