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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Okay! Sorry la,i promise some people i'll link them but never link them,i will link de.
Yesterday was great,but i thought that the night was super. Stayed overnight at Cheryl's house cause i thought that need to be in school at 6.30. Lol,then jiayi msg in that don't need already,can be in school by 7.15. *BANG*I can faint. But anyway,at cheryl's house so fun lor. We went to bed at 10,lie on the bed and talk talk talk until 11 then sleep. Cause we're both very tired already over that afternoon rehearsal. Then yesterday was that BIG day,reach school at 7.30 with Alina and SiHui. Bus to ACS,a lot of people sleep on the bus. Reach there help everyone to apply make-up. 2 Rehearsals later then eat. Can say that the food was crappy,but to my hungry stomach,it's delicious. Hard white rice,fish and sausage. Then a little bit of practise,put on lip gloss,we're up for the very first and afternoon performance. There seats were not filled up,a lot of empty seats. Then we had a break until 6.30,which was 2 and a half hour. The show was only 1 hour. So vicky was helping people to do hair and putting on make-up,and the rest were either zi lian-ings or taking pictures with the rest~ Then we had dinner before the performance. What?! The dinner was super bad,way more crappy than the lunch. Cabbage and some hardened black pepper chicken. I took the very last packet of the lunch and shared the fish and sausage with Vicky,Alina and Emily. I took the dinner as well,but only eat the rice,chicken. Okays,enough about the very disgusting dinner. Went back,very little time left. Quickly go to the toilet,put on some lip gloss and go the stage. Wow,many familiar faces,scary~ The people keep laughing at I-don't-know-what's-so-funny scenes. Then people below were going crazy over nothing,like shouting "Sit down lah!" or "SHUT UP LA" Diao.. Worse,some people cough and make the vomitting sounds. Damn funny la. Then performance ended,IT people sat in the bus with us. Reach school around 10 plus,then i suggested ghost stories. I left one light on,dim it and start them. Haha,it's just some superstitions about the school. Think some of them got freak out. I wasn't,i just some company to go out with me cause Garfield reach the school already,to fetch me while the rest stayed behind to wait for the guzheng to come back. Wow,heard that they move until 12+. Yan yan came along with me,then a few of them including alina. Saw cheryl and sihui on the way out. Then went home,changed and wash face,go out watch movie at Cineplex. Ate at the japanese restaurant in the basement. The food is just simply great! Love the salmon and squid sushis. But garfield reprimanded me for ordering so many and i couldn't finish them. Okay,must take note. Then watch 'Wanted'. The ending wasn't superb anyway,and A.Jolie truly believe in the code,and she killed everyone including herself,with a single bullet. Haha,goodbye,Mr X.

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