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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I was reminded of this incident again when i was in mac.
Last tues,which was ben's off day,we went to white sands to eat Wan Zai. We met Ai Lin there. Lol. Anyway,he went to pay the bill and we ordered a plate of chicken wings,he had wanton mee,mine is seafood baked rice. He drank yuan yang(i think),and i had black cow aka root beer float. When we were eating halfway,he suddenly said "I wonder who's the couple who ordered the exact same thing as us." I was like,wow. He said that when he go and order,the cashier name out all the items to the kitchen.
Then everyone(the waiters and everyone working there) turn and look at him.
The first one turn,and stare.
The second one turn,and said " Why he order exactly the same thing as the previous couple just now?"
The first one said " Ya lor,i was about to say that too."

Lol,do you guys know how many freaking possibilities there are to order the exact same thing? In mac,you order the same thing,it's common. But at Wan Zai,there are 223 things you can order(including the drinks)! Okay,let's count the possibility.
Math time!
We ordered 5 things. So is:
1/223 X 1/222 X 1/221 X 1/220 X 1/219 = 1/527128996680.

WHAT THE FUCK?! You guys know why it's count this way right?
Because after ordering this first one from the menu,we've got to take one item off the menu,order another item and hence multiplying 1/222. Plus,they could have ordered some other things.
BUT. Then again,you see,these few drinks are kinda common and the food we ordered are more of like,what people usually like to eat. So,it's hard to say if the possibility is accurate =)

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